Estate Sale Etiquette

Estate Sale Etiquette

Have you ever attended a sale where the staff sits behind a table and points to direct you to items?

************ We’ll never do that !!!! **************

We have some ” Estate Sale Etiquette ” Rules to make sure that we are FAIR TO EVERYBODY and that EVERYBODY HAS A GREAT TIME at our sales.
As always……….Customer Service is our #1 Priority !!!!

1. ~If there is a line, please be considerate of your fellow shoppers and respect those ahead and behind you.
~ALWAYS treat others as you would expect to be treated. Please do not cut in line and DO NOT RUSH THE DOOR WHEN THE SALE OPENS.
~Do not block others from entering.
~If someone picks up an item, do not grab it from them.

We no longer allow you to bring your own SOLD TAGS. If you wish to purchase an item, ask one of our Staff for a sold tag, which will have YOUR NAME ON IT (not just “sold”). You are then obligated to purchase that item. If you run through and tag “EVERYTHING”, then 2 hours later decide to get only 1 or 2 (of the 50 items!) you tagged….you will not get anything.
Do not hoard items to go through later then “decide” if you plan to purchase them or not. You have taken them out of the sale when you set them back and could cause us to miss a sale for the Homeowner if you decide not to buy….when someone else thought it was already sold.

3. Be sure to examine all items closely and carefully before you pay for them. Remember all items are SOLD AS IS, NO REFUNDS.

4. We occasionally have to limit the number of people inside the Estate, depending on the amount of space we have, etc….

5. Prices are FIRM (BUT ALWAYS VERY REASONABLE !!!) the first day, 25% off on day 2, and 50% off (or sometimes more!) on the last day.

6. Buyer is responsible for the removal of items purchased by 2:00 on the last day of the sale, unless prior arrangement had been made. Please bring (or arrange) for your own loading help. As much as we LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS, and LOVE TO HELP….sometimes it’s just not possible for our Staff Members to leave the House during busy sale hours.

7. Doors will open at the published time, not before.

8. As much as we put CUSTOMER SERVICE FIRST…although we TRY, we are not always able to answer every single e-mail, FB question, text, phone call, etc….about pricing, “items still available”, measurements, etc…. I often get 100’s of questions a day. But I promise, I will TRY !

We are blessed to have each and every one of you as our “Friends”, and hope we are your #1 Estate Sale Company !

Jerry, Stephanie, & Staff
J & S Estate Sales of North Texas