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April 23, 2014

From Homeowner/ Client

J&S Estate Sales exceeded my expectations!!! I had to sell everything in myhouse and thought it would be a lot of hard work. To my surprise it was easy!J&S did all the work!! They came in and took care of everything. I was reallyhappy with their customer service and impressed by their attention to everydetail to help their clients get top dollar for their belongings. Thank you J&SEstate Sales for making this job



Beth L

Lantana, TX


Here goes......

Stephanie and Jerry are awesome!  I was closing in on a move across country
and I found that I needed to downsize my household goods.  I was hesitant
to have a sale "inside" my home, but upon meeting Jerry and Stephanie I
knew I was in good hands.  They staged everything beautifully and sold out
early.  They even sold my backyard swing set!  If it weren't for everything
being gone, you would have never known anyone was there.  No two people are
more professional and knowledgeable.  J&S Estate Sales rocks!

J. Williams

The Colony, Texas


Stephanie & Jerry, We wanted to send a little note to you both.....along with Mason..... to offer our sincere thank you for such a wonderful job you did this past weekend with our estate sale. You both are true professionals and went above and beyond on every aspect of selling what we could never have done ourselves. You sorted and arranged everything perfectly for the customers to see as they walked through the house. While there wasn't a whole lot left following the sale, you followed through and arranged to have everything removed the next day (Sunday) as promised. We could not have asked for a nicer clean-up guy than XXXXXXX. He was great and removed everything. We will definitely recommend your services to anyone we meet that will be downsizing or moving. You both made a move after 21 years in the same home a lot less stressful.

Thanks again!!!

James and Paula N.

Keller, TX

I just wanted to thank Stephanie and Jerry at JS Estate sales for doing such a great
job for my parent in laws.   They were downsizing to an apartment and had so many
items to let go of but really were overwhelmed.  Stephanie and Jerry helped with the
emotional side of downsizing as well as the physical side of going through so much
stuff.  They had a good eye for what was going to sell and the appraisal side of the
business as well.  Even when we had a few bumps in the emotional side of the sale,
they both were very understanding and helped smooth things out.  The sale went great
and it was such a relief to not been burdened with storing unnessesary items . I
would highly recommend using J&S Estate sale for any estate sale needs and they are
both such trustworthy people.  Thanks you!

S. Belcher

North Richland Hills, TX


Jerry and Stephanie of J & S Estate Sales are awesome.  They came into my
father's house, that was a mess, and made it look wonderful.  They were
honest and knowledgeable about the worth of items.  They handled an
emotional situation with care and compassion.  I would definitely call them
again.  Thanks Jerry and Stephanie!

D. Spencer 
Lewisville, TX



JS Estate Sales is your one-stop call for all your estate sales / moving sales / and
downsizing needs.  Their customer service ROCKS!  Our downsizing event was the first
of a lifetime for us and all of our concerns and questions were answered with
professionalism and respect.  Jerry and Stephanie definitely know what they are
doing and possess a wealth of knowledge gained through their many years of
experience.  We highly recommend them to you.  Not only are they the BEST in the
business, they are down-right fun to be around!

K & S Winzen 

Aubrey/ Providence Village, TX



To whom it may concern:  

I am pleased to recommend J & S Estate Sellers based on the excellent work they did in liquidating the contents of our Frisco home in March, 2013.  They were pleasant, professional, and prompt to all meetings.   We were needing to downsize our possessions in order to move into faculty housing  in one of the 4 year universities in the area and also completely clear out our house for purposes of putting it on the market.  

Jerry and Stephanie (and crew) organized and tagged all items and made the selling presentation of our mished-mash and often prosaic goods look inviting.   We received far more (even after paying J & S's reasonable commision) than I had expected.   Their extensive network of specialty buyers and ability to market to the general public was a big plus.   In addition, this company has a reputation to being very helpful and pleasant to the customers, which is why they have such a loyal following.  My former neighbors remarked that these estate sellers were far more friendly than your typical estate seller.   J & S is respectful of the owners' belongings and need to have a hassle-free experience, while on the other hand realizing the most amount that can be derived given the circumstance.   They are reliable, trust-worthy, organized and helpful.   We were able to have our house cleared out on schedule thanks to J & S and ultimately were able to sell our house at full price within 24 hours of listing.  


Allison M. McLeod, LL.M., CPA A Professional Limited Liability Company Attorney-at-Law Taxation


I am amazed. Stephanie and Jerry are such wonderful people and our sale was more than I could have every hoped for. They work so hard and the end result was great. Anyone looking to have an estate sale should for hire them. I already miss that I won't get to see them now that they did such a
great job for us. Thanks so much!!!


Denton, TX


From one of our awesome "Buyer"customers: (copied and pasted from our FB page)

Can I just say, imo y'all are the most awesome estate sale company in the North Texas area? I say this because y'all have a Facebook page, you post pictures and fun stuff, you are personable and answer peoples questions and engage in conversation. You give prices of some pieces when someone inquires ... what?? That is unheard of. You are not uppity and crotchety like many other estate sale companies in this area (not all are, but ... just sayin) It is obvious you love what you do! I don't think I have ever attended one of your sales, but you can bet I will come to your next one! Thanks for being a step above!



Stephanie and Jerry, I want to personally thank you for all of the hard work that you did on the sale in Alvarado. You guys are of the utmost integrity and took a very difficult situation and made it painless for us. I can't tell you how much we appreciate your help. You are the BEST!!!!!!


S. Snow

Alvarado, TX

April 2013


Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for doing such a great job on our sale this weekend. You all definitely exceeded my expectations and we could not be more pleased! You've really helped us be able to move on to the next chapter in our lives.

A. McCleod


Frisco, TX

Stephanie & Jerry, just wanted you guys to know how much we appreciate you both and all the hard work you did for our Frisco sale this past week!!! Not only did you guys do an amazing job but you made a very sad time for our family a painless event!

You both are incredibly professional & amazing at your organized prep work as well as the cleanup after the sale. Please use as as a reference anytime! God bless!

P. Stewart

Frisco, TX

April 2013


Jerry & Stephanie

J&S Estate Sales

March 2013


Jerry & Stephanie

J&S Estate Sales

May 2013


Jerry, Stephanie & Staff

J&S Estate Sales

April 2013

COPIED AND PASTED from one of our wonder FaceBook Customers:

Just have to say I went to an estate sale today put on by another group *gasp* (I know, I know) and we learned that they don't price as well as y'all, they don't organize it as well as y'all, and they aren't as friendly and helpful as y'all. That being said, I'm planning to "unfollow" them and stick with y'all :) there was a clear difference!!


Jerry & Stephanie ~ J&S Estate Sales

Dear Jerry and Stephanie, I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all that you have done to sell the furniture and household belongings for Maxine. You did a great job. I am sorry that I was not able to get back to Dallas to see you. I have been following you on Facebook and you are VERY busy. I am glad that business is so good. Susan and I wanted to send you something in the mail, but we didn't have your address. Would you mind giving it to me? Thank you so much. Very Sincerely, Debbie and Susan 

Debbie H. and Susan C.

Dallas, TX

May 2013

Copied and pasted from one of our awesome FB Customers:

Hi Jerry and Stephanie! I love your page and was lucky enough to buy at your Highland Village Sale on May 10th. I wanted to let you know that I attended an estate sale very near my home today run by a different company. Didn't want to "cheat" on you all but I didn't have time to drive to Boyd and this one was just a few miles from home. Anyway it made me appreciate you all so much because the mood of their sale was a bit of a downer. They even post on their facebook page not to ask for prices on anything beforehand because they don't have time to look. There were some nice staff people but just didn't have the "J & S" touch. So I thought I should let you know that in my opinion you are experts in the business and experts in customer satisfaction! I see you are coming to Argyle/Lantana soon and I will be there! Sincerely, Kassie


Jerry & Stephanie ~J&S Estate Sales

Just a quick note,

 Mom and I were extremely happy with the service you provided. You guys & gals showed up and just did everything....it was a very well organized and very well laid out plan....with plenty of people (staff) on site the days of the sale to monitor the entire operation.....making what could sometimes be considered a chaotic event into a smooth flowing operation.

You not only set everything up, but cleaned up afterwards. A very pleasant experience, and you’ all now seem like part of our family.

Many Thanks, 


D. Williams

Ft. Worth, TX  (August 10, 2013)

Upon Receiving his e-mailed Itemization spreadsheet:

Thanks very much ! This is exactly what I needed to support the sale of these assets. I have already given your information to a colleague and we will continue to send business your way. It is always a pleasure to work with true professionals and we are very happy to have found you.

Rick A.

Hurst, TX  8/20/13


Jerry, Stephanie, Tina, Mason, Olivia, Jan, Jessica, & Carson

J&S Estate Sales

August 2013

Wow.....2 weeks in a row !!!!

We are truly BLESSED to LOVE what we do and have such great Homeowners & Customers !

J&S Estate Sales

September 1, 2013 

Copied and Pasted from our FaceBook Page

Always great to see J&S in action. Awesome bunch of people !!

 August 31 at 8:05pm


Jerry, Stephanie & Staff

Thank you Stephanie, Jerry and crew for a fantastic sale this past weekend. Your hard work and dedication really paid off and I appreciate everything you did to make it all as easy as possible for me. I will highly recommend you all to anyone looking to do an Estate Sale! I look forward to seeing you again soon!!!

Sherri Q.

Flower Mound, TX

October 2013

Jerry & Stephanie - thank you so much for being so accommodating! We are so greatful for you and your staff coming into our home and selling everything......it's so nice to not have to lift a finger. 5 stars for sure!

Melissa M.

Fort Worth, TX (Eagle Mountain Lake)

November 2013

Copied and pasted from one of our GREAT FaceBook Customers

I've visited five estate sales in the past two months - two of yours and three by three other companies. There is no comparison between the hospitality and warmth your folks show to customers and what I've experienced with other companies. At the "other" sales I saw employees be dismissive to customers who asked for more information about items, shush customers who were chatting, and even refuse to hold an item for a half hour so the customer could get more cash. Thank you for standing apart from the others. I'll definitely follow your sales and skip the others from now on.
 · November 14 at 1:31pm near Keller

Thank You Vanessa !!!!!

Jerry, Stephanie & Staff

This is all possible by YOU.....our wonderful Homeowners and Customers !



Jerry, Stephanie, & Staff

J&S Estate Sales

Most Viewed Estate Sale Company in the State of Texas for the week ending 3/16/14

Thanks to all of our GREAT Homeowners, Customers, and Staff....we couldn't do it without all of YOU !!!!

Jerry & Stephanie

J&S Estate Sales of North Texas

Most viewed Estate Sale Company IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES for the week ending 3/16/14


Jerry, Stephanie, & Staff

J&S Estate Sales of North Texas

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