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We wanted to share some J&S ESTATE SALE "Behind the Scenes" things with Ya'll, as most of you only see us on Sale Days ! 

For our Buyers/Customers:  When you come to one of our Sales, we have already spent many long days and days (and sometimes weeks!) cleaning, organizing, moving, prepping, pricing, advertising, posting, answering e-mails, etc... so ALOT of work goes into one of these Sales. Lucky for us, that we just happen to to do it ! 

We fully understand that "some", but not nearly all, of You are re-sellers, have a shop, Canton, RoundRock, etc.... and ALWAYS try to take that into consideration as we are making "bundle deals" with you, as we are well known around here for making GREAT deals on GREAT Treasures! 
But sometimes the part that nobody thinks of is the Homeowner/Family. The items we are selling are THEIR LIFELONG TREASURES, and it is a constant "balancing act" for us to make them the money they need (and deserve) for their precious belongings, all while being respected as one of the most reasonably priced Estate Sale Companies around for our Customers.

To answer a common question, We do NOT have a re-sale/consignment shop, or take leftover items to re-sell at the end of the sale.
Those of you who know us, or even keep up with us here on FB know that we are extremely waaaaaay too busy for that! Right, Yall ? 
There are some "other" companies who mark items very high (mainly so they DON'T sell), then "donate" them to their own consignment store, etc..... We would rather sell the items during our contracted 2-3 day sale in order to "settle up" with the Homeowner/Family the last day of the sale, clean up for them, and get that weight lifted off of their shoulders immediately, so THEY can move on, and WE can move on to our next Estate Sale. 
That is the reason for our prices being FIRM (but ALWAYS reasonable!) the first day, 25% off on day 2, and 1/2 off on day 3, and we even do "Fill a box for $10" the last couple hours of particular Sales, with Homeowner permission, of course.
Because the Homeowners aren't going to make ANY money, if things are left sitting at the end of their sale.

The majority of the time, Jerry and I have the final pricing "say so", but  we have to remember that we ultimately work for the Homeowner, and they sometimes have a "RESERVE" (or guidelines we have to follow, per our contract.....Yes, we have a contract for each and every Estate Sale we do) Price on some of THEIR Treasures, and we need to honor our commitment to them.

We GREATLY appreciate those of you who understand our pricing methods and know that we pride ourselves on our Friendliness, Customer Service, and most of all Honesty.

We are truly blessed to do what we absolutely for a living and to be able to say we have the BESTest Customers/Friends in the World !

Jerry, Stephanie & Staff

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